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Movement Performance Academy's Fitness Centre opened its doors in January 2013 offering a range of classes, membership and personal training with the aim of helping people achieve their goals in all matters relating to sport, exercise, fitness, health & wellbeing.

Tired of the modern-day health club exercise protocol, MPA's owners Paul Connor and Kevin Whitehead have turned the clocks back to a time when fitness training actually worked.

On entering the gym, you will not see rows of shiny machinery powered by electricity instead you will find systems of exercise based around activities more commonly found on a farm or a building site.  "It's all about manual labour" is a phrase often heard echoing off the walls.

The key to success in any fitness programme is intensity and every member of staff at MPA will instil in you the belief that you can succeed and will educate you about what it takes to do so.

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Spin Academy


Spin Academy



Kettlebell Academy

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Spin Academy


Our excellent Classes are very popular so need to be prebooked**

By telephone: 01606 41709
By email:
By posting on Facebook

* There is an additional charge of £7 per class for Pilates for all members
** Due to high demand for evening classes, cancellations after 3pm on the day of the class will incur a £5 charge for spin and £3 for other classes


Opening Times

Monday - Thursday: 6.30am – 8pm

Friday: 6.30am – 6pm

Saturday: 8am – 12 noon

Sunday: 9am - 12 noon

Gym Only

£3.50 per visit
£15 per month
£150 per year      

Pay As You Go Gym
£30 initial yearly fee
£2 per session

Classes Only*

£5 per class
£25 per month
£250 per year

All Inclusive
£30 per month
£285 per year

* There is an additional charge of £7 per class for Pilates for all members

Movement Performance Academy

In our combined 30 years in the fitness industry we have become some of the leading personal trainers in the country and during ouREPSr time at one of the UK's leading health club chains we have continually hit top ten within the 700 strong group of trainers. We have successfully delivered results to over 1,500 clients and have over 20,000 hours one to one coaching experience from rehabilitation of injuries to elite sports specific conditioning with professional footballers, cricketers, martial artists and Olympic athletes in many components of fitness.

If you are looking for a Northwich Gym then look no further - we have all you will ever need! If you live in or around Northwich just drop in for a quick look around - Paul will show you all the Northwich Gym equipment and will answer and questions you may have - or call us today on 01606 41709.

In addition to our own coaching of clients we mentor and develop personal trainers, equipping them with the right skills, tools and techniques to achieve their own individual career aspirations

Movement Performance Academy in Northwich are a well-respected training provider and supplier of REPs certified qualifications. The eBook and the educational & workout DVD ‘Kettlebell Dynamite’ have been written and produced amongst other publications.

Sandbag Training

Are you ready to get stronger, leaner and faster with the explosive results that come from Sandbag Training and take the brakes off your clients' progress?

Join us to learn a step by-step teaching qualification you can use to master the essential skills of Sandbag Training for sports performance or fat loss.

People who incorporate sandbag training into their programs see rapid improvements in speed power and functional strength.

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"Just a quickie to let you know and to thank you.......when we met up i weighed in at a miserable 14-9. After learning the ways of the kettlebell and a little hard work and falling out with sugar i now weigh 13-11. To say im over the moon is an understatement. I can now go on my 3 week holiday to the states happy and feeling tons better."
Mike Dodd

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